Penetrating deeply into the dermis, peeling “erases” even the deepest wrinkles…
Peeling as an alternative method to other processes that are more intense.
Natural bioligical process can not be stopped: with aged skin loses its moisture, gets covered with network of wrinkles and age spots, becomes flabby.
Getting the “new face” is possible by means of deep peels. It will postpone plastic surgery for at least 10 years. Penetrating deeply into the dermis, peeling “erases” even the deepest wrinkles, restores facial contours, eliminates the age pigmentation, creates a visible lifting effect, smooths nasolabial folds and tightens the jaw line.
This procedure is used for eliminating wrinkles in the area of eyelids, so it is called “chemical blepharoplasty.” “Throwing” you old skin, you will get your second youth. You will see thati it is still possible to prolong your young years even for a decade. For best results, this methodology can be combined with rejuvenating treatments, such as contour plastic, mesotherapy, injections of BOTOX.
A pronounced anti-aging effect is also reached by more superficial peels. The skin becomes more flat and smooth, narrow pores, shallow wrinkles and age spots disappear. This technique is very popular because it allows you to renovate your skin in a short time. If you want to have perfect skin without wrinkles, age spots with expressed lifting? Then it’s time to make an appointment for peeling. Our clinic offers all kinds of peels, from the most superficial procedures that will give your skin a fresh appearance, to the most deep one whose action can be compared to the effect of plastic surgery.


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