Every person notices the first marks of skin aging when he looks at himself in the mirror. Mimic wrinkles, skin flabbiness disturb people after their 30’s. Today there are many methods of different efficiency: operative techniques of face rejuvenation, injection procedures and ultimately traditional surgical lifting. APTOS – the first technology of thread lifting whose application has been officially allowed since 2010.

APTOS threadsare made of kaprolak, the dissilving material that completely dissappears from the body in 360 days. The kaprolak structure has L-lactic acid that increases natural regeneration of skin cells and stimulates the formation of collagen which significantly slows down what aging processes.
Depending on the correction area, age and patient’s desires the following dissolving threads of three cosmetology lines are used:APTOS NANO, APTOS EXCELLENCE или APTOS LIGHT LIFT.

APTOS NANO – biothreads for delicate correction of discreet zones. This method makes it possible to smooth every wrinkle on even the thinnest type of skin. It can be used around your eyelids, lips, on your forehead, between your eyebrows as well as in many other areas and perfectly suits both men and women who are used to lead the active way of life and take care of their health. This method will help them to look much better already after their weekend.

APTOS EXCELLENCE – armoring of face and body with bio threads for revitalization. This method is used by first age changes – flabby skin and thinning of facial tissues, neck and decollete, and it is also applied for strengthening of the tissues on the internal surface of hands and hips. Clients who learned this method immediately called it the procedure of the weekend: you can visit the doctor on Saturday, and on Monday you will come back to your work looking prettier and younger. Light marks from punctures are disappearing visibly fast and you get just smooth gentle skin, whose elasticity is kept by easy, but reliable structure from threads. It will remain until your body develops its elasticity fixing the desirable form. By this time the dissolving threads will gradually disappear.
The line Aptos Excellence was created for young skin with first aging signs. Its effect is kept up to 2 years.

APTOS LIGHT LIFT – the thread is reliably fixed in soft tissues thanks to its unique construction with microscopic notches and it forms strong supporting framework. The polylactic acid gives additional rejuvenating effect and intensifies skin revitalization thus slowing down aging processes. Its ulilization helps to receive excellent esthetic result without traditional surgical operation. You can already notice the first improvements of your appearance on the very day of the procedure. And in 2-3 weeks you will see the complete effect that will remain for 2 years. You can use this technique if you have eyebrows omission, nasolabial folds, deformation of your face form without expressed skin surplus, age changes of your neck area.
Besides, the APTOS line has non- dissolving threads from polypropylene which are intended for surgical stiching methods of face and neck, for more powerful tightening and fixing of soft tissues. Thank to the special notches going in the certain direction, these threads are able to tighten and hold soft tissues of face and neck for longer time (at least for 4-5 years) and can replace rightly some types of surgical face plasty.

Using different APTOS techniques and threads you can solve and fix any age problems.
We will tell you about some age problems and advise you how to fix them using the APTOS technique:
Face sags – it is a classical age problem. Sags appear in the lower part of the face causing the deformation of face contours. Facial sagging skin is connected with the general reduction of facial tone because of elastin and collagen degeneration. The weakening of the chewing muscle is also one of the reasons. As a result the skin starts sagging on the boths sides of the cheeks. It can make your face gloomy, sad and you can look 10 years older. You are able to fix this problem with some techniques based on application of APTOS threads which can give you long and reliable result.

  1. Aptos Excellence Visage armoring with biothreads containing notches for revitalization of soft tissues. These threads are recommended by some moderately expressed esthetic problem or for its prevention. The thread has special configuration and its structure consists of polylactic acid. It provides its two main effects:
    • light lifting and tissues fixing in esthetic situation, formation of structure for keeping the neccessary effect in future
    • tissues revitalization because the threads contain polylactic acid
  2. Aptos Nano Vitis :delicate correction with the thinnest spiral threads for revitalization. After dissolving of the threads (360 days) there remains an easy and structure from new collagenic fabric on their place which gives your skin more elasticity and prevents further aging for a period of up to 2 years.
  3. Aptos Needle 2 G lifting by dissolving or non-dissolving threads with notches. The tissues are grouped and get more esthetic, tightened and rejuvenated form.

The procedure of thread inserting is completely painless, takes no more than 40 minutes and doesn’t demand a long restoration period. The first improvements are immediately visible after the procedure, and in 2-3 weeks you can see the full effect that will remain up to 2 years.

The necessary method of correction in each case is selected by the specialist.
Nasolabial folds are the wrinkles going from nose wings to a chin. The Aptos company developed two groups of products for the solution of this problem – of Aptos Nano Spring – dissolving spiral threads from kaprolak which are inserted under skin. The procedure takes place quickly and without serious consequences, and the special form of threads allows them to follow the movements of facial muscles keeping natural mimicry. The thread has polylactic acid that activates revitalization processes of revitalization at the cellular level.Besides, polylactic acid promotes formation of the collagenic fabric forming the flexible, supporting structure under skin that prevents recurrent appearance of wrinkles for about 2 years.

Aptos Wire – more radical method of rejuvenation. The procedure involves delicate separation of skin and soft tissues by an instrument inserted through small punctures. Wrinkles and folds between your eyebrows are corrected by the same techniques, as nasolabial ones, the effect lasts also up to 2 years. Besides disappearance of wrinkles and folds, the general condition of skin is considerably improved in all cases because of polylactic acid in threads that posses revitalizing properties.

Besides dissolving threads, the Aptos lines have non- dissolving threads for surgical methods – Aptos Surgical.This method is recommended to patients after their 45’s with dramatical signs of age changes. Threads are inserted hypodermically with a special needle conductor, through dot skin punctures. These threads can be fixed or unstable and are used for effective tightening of all face and neck zones. The result of such tightening remains up to 4 years.

Long-term experience of Aptos threads application proved that these techniques can replace surgeries of face and neck in many aspects. The method of treatment and type of threads are selected strictly individually for each patient. Possibilities of correction by Aptos method are many-sided, and it is possible to choose an optimum technique for each patient. You just need to make an appointment with the specialist for free consultation.


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