We all put a lot of effort to our face and neck to look young as long as possible. But the age is often shown by hands: thinning and dryness of the skin, wrinkled fabric and the visible vein is difficult not to notice, because they are always in sight, you cannot hide them under clothing. Is it possible to extend the youthfulness of hands, to make sure that they always look soft and well-groomed?

Before talking about the rejuvenation of the hands we should examine what leads to their premature aging?

Causes of aging skin

Household chemical. How many times a day we moisten hands, wash them with soap? Means for washing dishes, washing powder – their action is primarily aimed at degreasing. And they are degreasing, destroying the natural lipid layer on the surface of the skin, which should protect it from dehydration.

Weather. In the summer the hands are exposed to ultraviolet light, which destroys collagen in the tissues and provokes the appearance of age spots. In the cold season, the capillaries undergo spasm under the action of wind and frost, the blood supply to the skin is disrupted. This leads to a decrease of its tone, dryness and flaking, the appearance of visible spider veins.

Hormonal changes. Fastest aging is occurred due to decrease in estrogen level occurring during menopause – our bodies produce less collagen and fat that performed in lower tone and dryness of the hand skin.

Age. Over the years, layer of fat becomes thinner, occurs the dehydration of the skin, the natural processes of its natural pack slow down, it becomes thinner. The thinner the skin, the more noticeable the veins beneath it. Picture of aging complements the appearance of age spots on hands, arising from the fact that the cells lose the ability to “dosing” the production of pigment, which tends to accumulate in the skin.

Methods of the hands rejuvenation

  • Biorevitalization. Injection of the hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin quickly and permanently, activates the production of collagen in it, makes it soft and supple.
  • Mesotherapy. The skin needs not only the hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy allows injecting the substances and vitamins that it needs. Injection composition is selected by a doctor-cosmetologist depending on existing problems.
  • Chemical peels not only remove pigmentation marks on the hands and align the color of the skin, but to smooth its surface, to get rid of wrinkled veins.
  • CONTOURED HAND PLASTIC. The injection of products based on hyaluronic acid, so-called fillers using cannula in the hands area allows restoring the volume, gone with the age. Vascular net and tendons of the hands become less noticeable. This technique is considered the most effective in the loss of the soft tissues volume.
  • Hand paraffin therapy is traditionally combined with the carrying out of manicure. Warm paraffin softens the skin, improves circulation, even after one treatment the skin looks much more manicured.
  • Local wraps – their action is similar to paraffin, but they still contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin, giving it smoothness and elasticity.


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