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The word “Botox” is now familiar to almost anyone who pays enough attention to their appearance; both women and men.
Botox® is a medicine produced by Allergan (USA).

The active ingredient in Botox is purified botulinum toxin and weakened botulinum toxin.

Application field
In cosmetic area the Botox and its counterpart – Dysport are used to eliminate mimic (facial) wrinkles. Exactly mimic, the appearance of which is due to physical activity of mimic muscles.
At a tension of these muscles the skin is going to fold. Over the time, they no longer fully straightened and wrinkles are formed. Their appearance are most typical in the upper part of the face: forehead, between eyebrows, around the eyes.

The effect of the Botox is based on the muscle relaxation. How can it be used to achieve the effect of “lifting”, lifting of facial tissues?
The fact that nearly every muscle has the muscle-antagonist, i.e., performing the opposite function.

If the Botox is injected into the muscles that perform the function of lowering certain areas of the skin, they relax, and their antagonists, not meeting the usual resistance – more effectively raise tissue face up, which provides a “lifting effect”.

The doctor who knows the anatomy of the face, able see the individual features of its structure, can create amazing effects. For example, if after injection of Botox into the muscles responsible for lowering the eyebrows down, the muscles are activated, responsible for the raising of the eyebrows,  it is able to achieve the effect of “takeoff” of the entire eyebrow or its part by varying the dose and the injection site of the drug. Similarly, the changing of the eyes shape is achieved, the effect of “open eyes”.

Thus, the use of Botox makes it possible to achieve two effects simultaneously:

  • smoothing facial wrinkles;
  • lifting, lifting facial tissues sagging with age.

How does the Botox act?
Traditionally, the Botox is injected intramuscularly in the muscles, where it temporarily blocks their susceptibility to nerve impulses. Due to this blockade the muscle or its part relaxes, ceases to contract and the wrinkles form by it are smoothed.

The doctors skill consists in not completely immobilizing the muscles responsible for the wrinkles by the Botox, but only to remove their increased tone, without disturbing the natural facial expressions.

Under the influence of botulinum toxin the neuromuscular connection are temporarily blocked. Neither muscle nor nerve fibers are kept intact.
The effect of Botox is reversible – after 4-6 months the blocked nerve-muscle communication is restored.
Special technique of Botox is mesobotox, when it is injected not intramuscularly, but in the skin.


The effect of the Botox is based on muscle relaxation. How can it be used to achieve the effect of “lifting”.

How to prepare?

  • It is recommended to stop taking antibiotics and drugs that prevent blood clotting: Aspirin, Heparin, Fenindion, etc., in three days prior to injections of Botox.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol one day prior to the injection.
  • Should not engage in sports, heavy physical labor on the procedure day.

How is it performed?
During the consultation the doctor evaluates the severity and nature of wrinkles, the role of facial muscles in their formation, tissue status, determines the point of introduction of Botox, and its quantity.

The same as before the normal injection, the skin is treated with disinfectant. Then, using a syringe with a short and very thin needle (diameter 0.3 mm) the solution of Botox is injected into the muscle, which activity must be reduced. It takes 3-5 minutes.

At the end of the session produced antiseptic treatment of the skin, its cooling. The data about the batch number of the drug, its expiry date shall be recorded in the patient card.

The pain of Botox injections is low. Their implementation is possible and without anesthesia, but most beauticians prefer to do a local anesthesia by a special anesthetic cream. In case of performing injections of Botox without anesthesia the majority of our patients compare the sensation from them with mosquito bites.

How many units are needed?

The amount of Botox in the vial is measured not in grams but in UNITS (units of action). The service price is based on the amount of the used drug. Since the price is an important factor, you can roughly estimate how many units of Botox will be required for the correction of wrinkles:

  • horizontal creases of the forehead: 15-20 units.+ forehead lifting :4-10 units
  • glabellar folds: 8-25 units.
  • crow’s feet: 8-16 units+ lifting the lateral part of the eyebrow +mesobotox :5-10 units.
  • Botox-lifting of the corners of the mouth: 4-20 Units.
  • wrinkles of the upper lip: 2-4 units.
  • the masseter muscle ( as indicated):10-40 units.
  • lift the tip of the nose (under indications, if age-related):2-6 units
  • mentalis (her reinforced work, leads to the formation of transverse wrinkles on the chin):2-4 units.
  • “Nefertiti lifting “:5-20 units.
  • neck :4-20 units.
  • mesobotox: 2-15 units.

More accurate information you will learn on the advice of a doctor.

When you will see the results?

On average, the facial muscles relax in 5-7 days. The maximum effect is usually achieved in two weeks.
But there are options due to the individual characteristics of the organism, when the toxin begins to act already on the second day, and in some cases it takes a month.

There are people insensitive to botulinum toxin. Such immunity is rare, less than 1% of people. It can occur in people with a previous history of botulism or treated with high doses of Botox for medical reasons.

The duration of effect

After the first treatment the facial wrinkles smoothen for 4-6 months at average. Then the nerve-muscle connection, blocked by the Botox, restored, muscle fibers begin to shrink again, and their wrinkles are back. Therefore, to maintain the permanent absence of wrinkles it is necessary to repeat the injection about six months later.

Usually, after 3-5 sessions, the duration of absence of wrinkles is increased to 10-12 months.

After the termination of Botox the physical activity of mimic muscles is restored. But during the time when the muscles were artificially relaxed, the person wean from the habit permanently knit the brow or squint the eyes. Therefore, the wrinkles that appeared due to these habits may not be restored. Even if you do not repeat Botox injection.


You will be able to return to “normal” life immediately after the procedure (therefore, the Botox injections is often referred to a “cosmetology of the lunch break”). But after the injection of botulinum toxin, its distribution in the tissues for several hours. It is required more than one day for complete healing after the injections. In order for these processes have been optimally you should follow some restrictions:

  • do not sleep or lie down for 3-4 hours;
  • refrain from taking medications that affect blood clotting, use of alcohol – 1 day;
  • do not to touch the skin where the injection was performed – 2 days;
  • don’t tilt your head down for a long time: for example, to clean floors – 2 days;
  • do not exercise or fitness – 2 days;
  • avoid overheating: do not go to the bath, the sauna, do not soak, do not direct hot air from a hair dryer over your face for 10 days.

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