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Heat things up and melt your fat away…

The Vaser Shape System you know and trust is now the Quanta Shape System at European Rejuvenation Center! It simply gets rid of those bothersome areas that just won’t go away despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. This innovative technology was developed in Italy and has been used in Europe for years. The Vaser Shape / Quanta Shape machine uses focused high-intensity ultrasound waves to target the areas of unwanted fat, which are then liquefied and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. Best of all, most patient’s say that it feels like a hot stone massage.
Vaser Shape (now Quanta Shape) is the non-surgical solution to smooth and shape your body.
How do the treatments work?
It melts the fat and flushes it out!
Patients interested in treating areas of unwanted fat will undergo a series of 45 minute therapies. The therapy has two parts: first the focused ultrasound waves dissolve the fat, and then the lymphatic massage moves it towards the lymph nodes for removal. Depending on the area being treated, most patients require 3-5 sessions to obtain optimal results. Three to four days after each treatment, a brief 5 minute lymphatic massage is used to further assist in the removal of fat waste by-products.
Does the treatment hurt?
There are no incisions. The treatment is not invasive. The ultrasound waves penetrate the skin layers to reach the fat and then heat is generated to dissolve it. The therapy resembles the sensation of a hot stone massage. The skin will become reddened; however, this redness will disappear shortly after the end of the treatment
What results can I expect?
Less fat, tighter skin and smoothing of cellulite.
Most patients see as much as a one inch reduction immediately after their first treatment. The appearance of cellulite and skin tightening can also be improved. It is typical to see additional reductions in the treated area days after the treatment. Multiple treatments are usually required in order to achieve optimal results.
Are there any side effects?
Yes, your clothes will fit better.
There are no side effects. There is no pain during the procedure and no discomfort after the treatment.
Will the fat come back?
Not if you continue a healthy lifestyle.
Patients that have undergone the treatment have retained their new shape while they maintain normal eating and exercise habits. If a patient has a significant increase in weight, then the remaining fat cells will enlarge and cause a proportionate increase in girth.
What areas can be treated?
Any area from the neck down (excluding breasts).
At this time, this technology has been approved for use anywhere in the body except the face and breasts. Patients have had great results in treating arms, backs, buttocks, thighs, flanks and hips.
How many body areas can you treat during a single treatment?
Whatever fits on an 8″x11″ sheet of paper.
A treatment area is equivalent to the size of a standard sheet of paper. If you would like to treat your abdomen, this would be the size of the area treated. If you are interested in treating thighs, arms or love handles, then each side treated will be the size of half of a standard sheet of paper. The limitation on the size treated in a single session relates to the importance of allowing the body to effectively process the waste by-products created by the treatment. To maximize results, each treatment is followed by a 5-minute lymphatic massage done 3-4 days later.
How close can you schedule treatments?
Every four day to a week apart.
How does this technology compare to other technologies available?
It’s the best one on the market!
European Rejuvenation Center’s research team studied all of the available technologies and chose the Vaser Shape System (now Quanta Shape) as the most effective and most versatile technology that does not compromise patient comfort while still providing excellent and lasting results.
How much does a treatment cost?
European Rejuvenation offers this service at a very competitive price. Please call our office for current pricing information.

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